Sources – Colorado’s Travis Hunter likely to participate, per snap count


Colorado two-way star Travis Hunter is still expected to play Friday against Stanford (10 p.m. ET, ), but staff will keep a close eye on him before the game to make sure he does, sources tell be prepared.

Hunter, a cornerback and wide receiver who suffered a torn liver Sept. 16 against Colorado State, has been cleared to play and has been practicing.

He stays on target both offensively and defensively. His steal numbers will be monitored and he’s not expected to get anywhere near the massive numbers he had in the first two games of the season, sources said.

Coach Deion Sanders said Tuesday that Hunter has a “huge opportunity” to play, but he wants to make sure Hunter is in top shape for Buffalo, which improved to 4-2 after Saturday’s win over Arizona State. The score enters the game.

“I don’t want him to be a burden. I want him to always be a tremendous asset,” Sanders said. “Travis came to me (Monday) morning and said, ‘What else can I do to help us get where we need to be?’ I 100 percent love Travis’ team spirit. I want him to be able to play.”

Hunter threw an interception and 11 catches for 119 yards on 146 carries in Colorado’s debut against TCU. He had 16 catches for 213 yards, plus nine tackles and two pass breakups defended. Hunter was injured on the play when Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn took an illegal hit on the sideline. Hunter remained in the game but later went to a local hospital for treatment.

“He’s been cleared and he has protection in place to secure those areas, but the game is the game,” Saunders said. “This game is a violent game, it’s a vicious game, it’s It was a very physical game, but Travis was physical too.”

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