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Taylor Swift Announces “Speak Now” as the Next Album in her “Taylor’s Version” Series

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Fans in Nashville were the first to receive the news that Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album “Speak Now” will be the next release in her “Taylor’s Version” series. This comes after Swift released several albums under the title “Taylor’s Version” in recent years. The record is set to be released in all formats on July 7th, with pre-orders for the violet vinyl available now.

Revealing the news to her fans, Swift teased, “I think rather than me speaking about it,” which was met with screams of excitement. She added, “I thought I would show you,” before unveiling the album cover and release date on large screens. To the audience’s surprise, she performed the song “Sparks Fly” on the new album.

When the announcement was made at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, the city illuminated the adjoining bridge spanning the Cumberland River in a deep purple color.

On social media, Swift expressed her pride and joy at the upcoming release: “I wrote every single line of the very first edition of Speak Now.” She continued, “This album is one of my favorites because it tells the story of growing up and being able to talk about it despite making errors, having highs and lows, soaring and crashing, and everything in between.”

In addition to the re-recorded tracks, Swift revealed that she had discovered six more hidden songs in the archives, adding to the release’s excitement.

Fans of the artist have been speculating for a while about which album would receive the re-recording treatment next. However, with the growing amount of data, it seems that “Speak Now” was a clear choice. Swift’s team wasted no time going live on Instagram to stream the spoken announcement to fans.

The new album cover art features Swift in an outfit that closely resembles the one she wore on the cover of her debut album but with a more solemn expression that reflects her growth and maturity as an artist.

The re-release of “Speak Now” in Taylor’s Version is a highly anticipated event for fans of Taylor Swift. With the inclusion of hidden tracks and the promise of a more mature sound, the album is sure to be a hit. Pre-orders for the vinyl are available now, and fans can look forward to the full release on July 7th.

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