The Fall of the House of Usher Review, Episode 6



“It is doubtful that human ingenuity can construct a puzzle which human ingenuity, by proper application, may not be able to solve.” — Edgar Allan Poe “The Golden Beetle”

Love it or hate it, no one can credibly call it The Fall of the House of Usher A subtle series. From the outset, the show has chosen a “more is more” approach, taking the most lurid bits from Poe’s most beloved stories and using them to weave a bloody tale of revenge designed to delight any viewer. Get some cathartic thrills. Over the past few years, people have been outraged that the richest and most powerful people can be as greedy and immoral as they like with no apparent consequences.

But even following the show’s own template, I’m not sure I need to take another swipe at self-appointed health experts, even if the kind of mildly luxurious, calorie-free lifestyle porn Tamerlane is selling is perfectly suited to Fortunato empire.

The irony in “The Gold Bug” emerges when you contrast Tamerlane’s life with the lifestyle she marketed. Although Timur has positioned herself as the patron saint of self-care, she’s gotten herself into trouble. The release of Goldbug caused her so much stress that she lay awake at night, passed out at times throughout the day, and sometimes woke up to things she didn’t even remember starting. No kink-shaming here, but even Tamerlane’s marriage-keeping isn’t really about her marriage.Instead, she creates a small scene where she watches her husband cook, talk, and hook up with a sex worker who pretend Be her and keep actual marital intimacy at a comfortable distance.

The time was ripe for Verna to step in, and she did. As one of Timur’s agents, Veena slept with Bill-T, and she appeared in Bill-T’s workout videos often enough for Timur himself to suspect she was having an affair. No Logout. The result is a huge fight from last episode, but even as Bill-T tries to redeem herself in the morning, she still snaps at him, reminding him that their prenup will only leave him with the clothes on his back. After some introspection, she admitted that she was tired, scared, and lonely… When she looked up, she realized that she was really tired. yes Bill-T was alone, with his house keys on the kitchen island. Somehow she didn’t even notice that he was gone.

Does it even matter if Verna is responsible for all of Tamerlane’s failures? After spending so much time promoting misconceptions about Tamerlane to the public, and inviting a series of different fake Tamerlane ushers into her private life, Tamerlane no longer knows who she is, nor does she know What are you doing? There were notes she didn’t remember writing, conversations she didn’t remember, even Bill-T swore he took her for a walk in the park and she swore she saw him taking it with Vina. Like Victorine, Tamburlaine had succumbed to a deadly poisonous combination of vanity and exhaustion. It didn’t take much effort to push her to the edge of the cliff.

In fact, all Verna had to do was show her face. Predictably, Timur’s introduction of the Scarab was a disaster, but more importantly, the disaster largely unraveled in Timur’s mind. No one saw Verna standing in front of a microphone, appearing in a PowerPoint slideshow, sitting in a crowd, or reacting to the sex tape that popped up on the one even seemed Notice Verna saves Madeline, who catches her, but Verna disappears into the smoke. When the headlines are written, no one will describe a strange woman named Veena torturing Timur; they will describe Timur’s inexplicable unraveling in just a few minutes, destroying a public image he had carefully cultivated over the years. As one reporter put it in a very on-point conversation, Tamerlane Usher Exceed.

I was a little surprised at how easy the contact was with Victorine House of Usher In Timur’s final moments, Veena fell into too many things. As Tamburlaine walks around with a Napoleonic rage, Vina taunts her in mirror after mirror, spinning a strange story about the twins she absorbed in the womb while warning her that she needs to relax and take a deep breath. Finally, it’s the mirror above the bed that gets the job done. Seeing Vina looking down at her, Timur smashes it with a fire poker and is eventually impaled by the two. It’s disturbing, but I don’t know why Vina bothers. At that time, Timur seemed to hate seeing himself so much that he wanted to break the mirror with his own hands.

Five children came down, and one more to go. However, as Timur’s drama takes center stage, the older usher, with Pym’s help, is closing in on Verna.In a sequence, it is required House of UsherPym uncovered photographic evidence that Werner hung around the rich and powerful for at least a century: William Randolph Hearst, John D. Rockefeller, and Cornelius Vanderbilt , but also more recently, Mitch McConnell, Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.Like I said, love it or hate it, no one can credibly call it The Fall of the House of Usher A subtle series.

• Roderick’s story about Arthur Pym’s involvement in the expedition around the world is true and a clever way of improvising Narrated by Arthur Gordon PymPoe’s only completed novel, it’s a high-seas adventure that includes cannibalism, murder, and the revelation that the Earth is hollow. Pym’s reluctance to discuss what happened in the Arctic may be a reference to the novel’s famously anticlimactic ending, in which a strange figure dressed in white approaches Pym and his companions, followed by a brief postscript revealing that Pym is dead , and took away the ending of his story.

• Arthur Pym also mentions having dinner with Richard Parker – the name is taken directly from Narrated by Arthur Gordon Pymwhich may be more familiar to modern readers, as Jan Martel borrowed it in his own shipwreck novel, The life of pi.

• Like Usher, I have no flowers A lot of time is spent worrying about Juno, but I love her tragic little arc here – going out of her way to support Tamerlane, but mistakenly believing that Tamburlaine hated her so much that he blew himself up to attack her product launch conference. I hope she’s okay.

• Roderick plundered Twosret’s tomb for these sapphires for Madeline’s birthday. Twosret was a true pharaoh whose reign ended in civil war. Given that Mike Flanagan likes to embed little Easter eggs into his stories, I think this is a hint of where this all might be going.

• Mory and Lenore after finishing Roger Corman’s piece Pit and Pendulum — which, for the record, isn’t currently available to stream on Netflix — one of the suggestions for what to watch next comes from Flanagan’s own Gerrard’s game.

• In his conversation with Lenore, Roderick quotes two of Poe’s works: the poem “A Dream Within a Dream” and the short story “Eleonora.”

• Tamerlane’s custom-made Goldbug box contains a French energy oil made with black diamond truffle extract, a moon cream made with green caviar algae and South Sea pearls, and at least three other things that, sadly, we’re ahead of everything Go to hell without even hearing her describe these things.

• Tamerlane’s bedtime dosing routine includes Ambien and melatonin, but notably, does not include Ligodone or any other Fortunato medication.

• But Juno seems to take about 20 Ligodone pills in the morning.

• “Men. When they think they’re immortal, all they want to do is fuck, and when they find out they’re mortal, all they want to do is fuck.”

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