The New York Police Department ordered all on-duty officers to report in uniform on Friday after a former Hamas leader called for protests but issued no credible threat to the city.


FBI monitors threats to New York City amid Israeli-Palestinian protests

FBI monitors threats to New York City amid Israeli-Palestinian protests


New York — All NYPD officers on duty Friday will be wearing police uniforms Strengthen patrols Protests took place across New York City after the former leader of Hamas called for protests across the Muslim world.

New Yorkers and commuters may notice increased safety measures at schools, places of worship, transportation hubs and major neighborhoods, but the specifics have not yet been disclosed.

There is no credible threat to New York City.Heightened security measures to protect against potential threats while protests The war between Israel and Hamas is expected to continue.

New York FBI Special Agent Nicholas Brothers said his team is actively monitoring the situation from all angles.

“We are actively working with the NYPD to ensure that all areas throughout the city are protected, and we remain vigilant at high-value locations such as the United Nations and other diplomatic agencies,” Brother said.

Gov. Kathy Hochul ordered the National Guard to help protect transportation hubs and said she directed New York State Police to increase security at synagogues, synagogues, museums and other gathering places.

“We want to reiterate to New Yorkers that there is no reason to be afraid. No one should feel they have to change their normal lives or routines,” Hochul said.

Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul discuss Friday safety concerns


“We have designated teams in our New York office that work with our Joint Terrorism Task Force to monitor tips, leads and any information that comes in,” Brazes said. “We actively review these and investigate to determine whether they are credible and then take appropriate action.”

The MTA said it will take additional steps to ensure traffic safety on Friday.

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