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A TikToker’s 5-Second Video Sparks a Debate on Train Etiquette

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A TikToker recently caused a stir on social media by posting a 5-second video that captured a train passenger’s feet tapping on the seat in front. The video quickly went viral, amassing over 5.1 million views and 5,500 comments. As people engaged in a heated debate about train etiquette, some wondered if they were being deliberately baited into outrage. This incident is just one example of the ongoing trend on social media platforms, where videos highlighting questionable public transport behavior ignite passionate discussions on how people should conduct themselves in such situations.

The Viral Video and Its Aftermath

On May 10, a TikToker known as @strajca uploaded a brief video filmed on a train. The video showed a passenger behind the camera placing their feet on the seat in front, causing their shoes to tap on the fabric. In the background, another passenger could be heard laughing at the sight. Meanwhile, a fellow passenger a few seats away stared at the feet, briefly glanced down, looked directly at the camera, and stood up. The video ended at this point.

Accompanying the video was a caption, “Welcome to Switzerland,” along with the hashtag #sbb, which stands for Swiss Federal Railways. The railway company, however, did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider, the media outlet that reported the incident.

The video quickly gained traction, reaching an impressive 5.1 million views within five days. It also generated over 5,500 comments, with most commenters criticizing TikToker’s actions as inconsiderate and immature. They argued that putting feet on seats demonstrates a lack of respect for public property and makes the seat dirtier for future passengers.

A Divide in Opinions

While many viewers condemned TikToker’s behavior, some defended it. Some commenters stated that they would have done the same if the train had been empty, asserting that it wouldn’t have caused any genuine inconvenience for others. This difference in opinion highlights the ongoing debate surrounding passenger etiquette and appropriate behavior on public transport.

Specific comments even suggested that the TikToker intentionally filmed the controversial behavior to provoke reactions from fellow passengers, providing content for an online video. Notably, this video was the user’s first upload, underscoring the prominence of passenger etiquette discussions on TikTok and other platforms.

Exploring Similar Incidents and Debates

This incident on the train is not an isolated case. Social media has witnessed numerous viral videos that tackle the topic of appropriate behavior on public transport. In June, for example, a TikToker known as @Mr_Boris_Becker received massive support from over 14,300 comments and garnered more than 17.2 million views after confronting a passenger for occupying his reserved seat on a train.

Similar debates have arisen in the context of air travel as well. Several TikTokers have gone viral for sharing their experiences with fellow plane passengers who requested them to vacate their reserved seats. In one instance, TikToker @mewhiskers123 refused to give up her pre-booked window seat. In another, TikToker Audrey Peters gained widespread support when she declined to switch from her middle seat to accommodate a family who wished to sit together.

Both incidents received overwhelming backing from viewers who believed the uploaders were justified in standing their ground and adhering to their seat assignments.

Insights into the TikToker Behind the Video

The TikToker responsible for the viral video, @strajca, currently has over 2,700 followers on the app, and only one other video was uploaded before this incident. The account seems relatively new, suggesting that the user might have created it specifically to share this video or engage in discussions about train etiquette.

The Importance of Train Etiquette

Train etiquette is an essential aspect of public transportation. It encompasses behaviors and practices that promote comfort, respect, and consideration for fellow passengers. Adhering to train etiquette ensures a pleasant experience for everyone and helps maintain cleanliness and safety on trains.

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Standard guidelines for train etiquette include:

  1. Avoid placing feet or shoes on seats: This helps keep seats clean and prevents damage to upholstery.
  2. Respecting personal space: Giving fellow passengers adequate space and refraining from leaning on or invading their area.
  3. Lowering the volume: Keeping conversations, music, or phone notifications at a considerate volume to avoid disturbing others.
  4. Keeping belongings organized: Storing luggage and personal items appropriately to minimize clutter and ensure sufficient space for all passengers.
  5. Offering seats to those in need: Providing seats to pregnant individuals, the elderly, people with disabilities, or those needing assistance.
  6. Keeping the train clean: Properly disposing of trash and avoiding littering inside or on platforms.
  7. Following designated seating and standing areas: Respect designated priority areas and stand clear of doors to allow easy boarding and alighting.

Although not exhaustive, these guidelines contribute to a positive and comfortable travel experience for everyone on board.

The viral TikTok video capturing a train passenger’s feet tapping on the seat in front has sparked a debate on train etiquette. With millions of views and thousands of comments, the incident has generated discussions about appropriate behavior on public transport. While some viewers condemned the actions captured in the video, others defended them or suspected that they were intentionally staged for online attention.

Instances like these serve as reminders of the influence and power of social media platforms in shaping conversations and raising awareness about societal norms. They also highlight the significance of train etiquette in promoting a pleasant, respectful, and comfortable travel experience for all passengers. As discussions around public transport etiquette continue to emerge, individuals need to be mindful of their behavior and considerate of others while using public transportation.

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