Toei releases “Dragon Ball Malaysia” animated trailer at NYCC 2023


At New York Comic Con 2023, Toei Animation announced the next anime in the massive Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball: Malaysiain which Goku and his friends become…younger and smaller?

Monica Rial, the voice of Bulma, the tech wizard in “The Movie” dragon ball superserving as the host of the special program dragon ball control panel. “I left[Bulma’s acute Saiyan husband]Vegeta for the weekend,” she joked. She angered fans by teasing a “mysterious exclusive new video that hasn’t been announced anywhere else.” Also in attendance was Ian Sinclair, the British voice of Whis (Beerus the Destroyer’s right-hand man), who had never seen the footage.

Now, Sinclair and fans are treated to a special trailer for the new series, Dragon Ball: Malaysia, celebrating the franchise’s 40th anniversary. With Toriyama’s writing and design, malaysia Is a dragon ball The story has never been told elsewhere in the franchise. Somehow, Goku, Bulma, Piccolo, Yamcha, and the others were all shrunk down to cute little forms. The series is expected to be released in the fall of 2024.

Before dragon ball Fans may be scratching their heads and saying, “I got so many questions,” you don’t get any answers for a while.visiting dragon ball Executive producer Iyoku Akio (with translation) remains mysterious about the transition. “Yes, it’s curious. There are some things I can’t say… Akira Toriyama is beyond his usual capabilities in terms of character design and art and so on.”

“We decided on (the title) a few days ago,” Iyoku shared.So why this title? malaysia?

The panel screen shows a letter from Toriyama explaining this as well as some still vague plot developments:

“DAIMA” is a made-up term…similar to “evil” in English.

Due to a conspiracy, Wukong and his friends became smaller. In order to solve the problem, they will go to the new world! This is a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious new world. Since Goku has to compensate for his small size, he fights using a Nyoibo (telephone pole), something we haven’t seen in a long time. I came up with the story and the scenes, and a lot of the designs. In fact, I was more invested than usual. “

Now back to his younger self, Saiyan Goku is being reunited with his power pole, one of the elements that may remind viewers dragon ball is a restatement of liberalism journey to the west epic. The trailer hints that the wish-granting Dragon Balls played a role in their child’s transformation, but doesn’t show the culprit who might have revealed the wish.

Sinclair asked another mystery: “Is Wes going to be in it?” Iyo replied: “I wouldn’t say no, but maybe, but I would say Bulma is in it.”

The task force also joked dragon ball video and card games, sandy land RPG video game (based on another Toriyama work), home and digital video versions Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes (November 11), and return Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Heading to cinemas (October 17-18) with 20 minutes of bonus material.

Dragon Ball: Malaysia. Dragon Ball: Malaysia. Dragon Ball: Malaysia, please remember this name. ” Yiyu repeated.

The group ended with a video of Goku (elegant as ever) and octogenarian Japanese voice actress Masako Nozawa, posing as if she were performing “KamehameHAAAAAAA.” That’s it for Toei’s Dragon Ball panel, but be sure to check out all of Polygon’s coverage of all the news, trailers, and highlights from New York Comic Con 2023 right here.

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