Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend shares open letter amid ‘backlash and embarrassment’


Keira NicoleLive host on date with kansas city chiefs tight end Travis Kelce She posted an “open letter” to her Instagram account on Monday, from 2017 to 2022, in which she appeared to reference the “backlash and embarrassment” she’s received since Kyles’ dating rumors Taylor Swift here we go.

Over the past few weeks, Nicole has found herself in an unenviable position. She didn’t have to do anything special to get people’s attention; the world was amazed to see her reaction to her ex dating someone else, especially when that person was the biggest pop star in the world. For example, Nicole recently posted that the gym is her “therapy,” and social media users thought she made passive-aggressive comments about Swift and Kelce.Nicole unfollows Chiefs quarterback on game day Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes, who she has been close to in the past has not gone unnoticed. That same day, Brittany and Swift were spotted out for dinner together.

“It’s always been really important to me to use my platform not to be divisive but to uplift and unite women, especially black women,” Nicole says directly to the camera in the video.

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“They might call you a traitor for falling in love,” she said. “You would hope that the people closest to you would protect you, but you soon find out that people won’t protect what they don’t value.”

She encouraged listeners to “guard their hearts” and not “participate in this turbulent and often one-sided journey.”

“You don’t have to participate. You don’t have to respond,” she said.

Nicole shared, “Although sometimes I ask, ‘Why me?'” I’m reminded that this isn’t just about me…my truths, traumas, and vulnerabilities are a relevant part of the human experience. I know I’m not alone, and I want to make sure you know you’re not alone either. “

She reminded listeners that “resources like therapy, prayer, and community can help you get through this.”

Another former Kelce Flame, Maya Bunbury, said she had received death threats from Swifties.Bunbury appears on dating reality show Capture Kells They beat out the competition in 2016, but by 2017, their relationship fell apart. Still, she said, she also received attention for a relationship she was not a part of.

“Swifties are very aggressive, very negative, very hypocritical,” Bunbury told us Internal version Swift fan base. “I find it crazy that someone who I think is so positive and a good person has such a negative and angry fan base.”

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