Vander Esch y Goodwin podrían dirigirse a la reserva/lesionado


Frisco, Texas – In recent history, the Cowboys’ injury situation has been very simple, and they defeated the 49ers 42-10.

Mike McCarthy’s opponents this month include Leighton Vander Esch, who is a member of the Cowboys.

This game is nominally a game with Cuelo getting injured, but Vander Esch and the Cowboys have had very similar injury histories over the past few years.

McCarthy believes LVE Marine Environment may be a damage reserve, allowing you to look at ventilation checklists all around.

Another possible scenario is that there is damage retention in CJ Goodwin’s special equipment, which could lead to damage to the hombro/pectoral en el juego. Goodwin is a reserved/lesioned restaurant, most likely a regular restaurant.

Other lesions include KaVontae Turpin developed receptor abierto/especialista, quiet sufrió un esguence de tobillo antes del medio tiempo. Turpin scored a touchdown for the Cowboys on the game receiver. McCarthy did not list anything about Turpin’s partnership with the Chargers and confirmed it was an opportunity.

Embargo, the Cowboys’ horse may be hurting this week, but they’re going to be hurt in this week’s game.

The Los Angeles Cowboys faced off against the Chargers on Oct. 16 in Los Angeles, and former coordinator Kellen Moore had a stellar performance against the Chargers.

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