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what does one mean Big artists like Bad Bunny—the most streamed artist in the world for years—are following up on an album that was critically acclaimed last summer un villanocinti? How does he deal with the danger of his audience feeling like he’s hitting a creative wall?

By reminding them why they fell in love with him in the first place.

Bad Bunny gathered 16,000 of his loyal fans at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan on Thursday night for a so-called “listening party” for his latest studio album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana. As the hour approaches midnight and the show is about to begin, the stadium is filled with jazz by Bill Evans and Wes Montgomery, bossa nova by João Gilberto (bossa nova) and La Lupe’s bolero. It’s the soundtrack to the upscale New York lounges of the seventies, just as it was evoked in his album launch video three days ago. Adding to the confusion is a massive structure, made from haystacks and shaped like a Mesoamerican pyramid, located at the far end of the arena. Some fans were inspired by the record cover’s sketch of Bad Bunny riding a bronco, wearing a cowboy hat and vaguely Western attire. If the overall theme is a mystery, then an obvious link is the act of tracing the past. Twenty minutes before midnight, everyone discovered how true this was. To the surprise of most, the lights went down and the event began early, with video clips serving as both career retrospectives and visuals from movies and cartoons hinting at the tone to come.

Eric Rojas

There is a line in Bad Bunny’s career that is recognized by long-time followers: the Benito who is a world superstar today, and the Bad Bunny who started it all in Puerto Rico in 2016. One local fan affectionately nicknamed him “Trap Bunny.” He was the foul-mouthed kid with the shaved head who wrote “Diles,” “Tú No Vive Así” and “Soy Peor.” He’s the one who jumps on other artists’ songs and gives them a devil-may-care attitude that’s unique to him, and listeners love it. The Trap Bunny phase wasn’t completely over, it was just slowly changing with each new record. His words are still dirty and his attitude is still rude. But the trap rabbit is no longer front and center. Fans didn’t mind, especially since they could still get glimpses of his old self in songs like the gritty and nostalgic “Dos Mil 16” from “Dos Mil 16.” un villanocinti.

Now, as the opening lines of Monaco echo throughout Ercholi, a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow descends from its hiding place in the ceiling.Bad Bunny is at the wheel—and the vision behind it Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana It’s starting to become clear. A few songs later, as the chassis-shaking bass of “TELÉFONO NUEVO” gradually disappeared, a fan shouted excitedly: “He’s back! He’s back!” A pinky finger is placed, as if to acknowledge it: this was the signature gesture of Trap Bunny in his prime.


He remained silent for much of the evening, with the first nine songs blocked and playing tracks from his phone through an auxiliary cable connected to his Rolls-Royce. At times, cameras mounted inside the car would glimpse him over his shoulder as he navigated between tabs, showing him checking Instagram, WhatsApp and other apps while music played. At one point, he took a selfie with the crowd, but quickly ignored it and took another. When he finally got out of his car, he gave fans who had gathered around the gated area a pat and signed items for sale at the entrance while dancing to his own music before making his way to join his special guests. place.

Eric Rojas

Artists and producers who collaborated on the album packed the makeshift bleachers atop the haystack pyramid. The young Miko from the album’s third single “FINA” is also present, another endorsement after Benito publicly co-signed her and hand-picked her as a member of the Rolling Stones. Next 25. Two of Benito’s idols and closest collaborators were also present, Arcangel and Ñengo Flow, who also supported him at “ACHO PR”. Colombian artist Feid was a surprise guest who received a warm welcome from the crowd as he sang “PERRO NEGRO” with Bad Bunny. Producers such as Tainy, Caleb Calloway, Mauro and La Paciencia are also on board, recognized by die-hard fans who know they have a connection with Benito himself was equally crucial to the song’s success.

It’s a surreal feeling to be in a stadium filled with thousands of people who don’t know the words to any of the songs they hear, but there’s also an oddly familiar feeling: this is a song that every person in attendance has. Everyone knows Bad Bunny – the guy who makes trap songs for SoundCloud in El Barrio’s bedroom.exist Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, He sounded refreshed and eager to make sounds like before. Benito spent much of 2023 talking about how much he needed a break. He wants to take a break and may not even sing again this year. Maybe that’s what he meant by being cunning all along: Bad Bunny is taking a break while Trap Bunny is taking the reins for a while.

Shortly after 1 a.m., the crowd dispersed and the surrounding parking lots began to fill with cars snaking toward the exits. A new track can be heard in every car.fans just experienced Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, and run it back immediately. Bad Bunny has done it again, this time going back to his roots and giving his fans what they want.

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