What we learned from the Raiders’ win over the Packers on Monday night


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  1. The Raiders found a way to pull off an ugly win. The statistics tell the story of this game accurately, and it certainly wasn’t a showcase of offensive prowess. Neither team cracked 300 yards of offense. Neither of the leading running backs reached 4 yards per carry, and neither receiver recorded a reception for more than 100 yards. Both quarterbacks threw an ugly interception (or three). However, Las Vegas got a win it desperately needed. Josh Jacobs Finally building a bit of positive momentum on the ground, Davante Adams He rose from the abyss during a key moment in the second half, and a coaching decision to play it too safe (more on that later) didn’t ultimately sink the Raiders. Victory is victory, it’s not pretty but it means the same thing.
  2. this Jordan Love Experience is going backwards. The interesting parts of Love’s first season as the Packers’ starter are starting to feel like they happened six months ago. For the second straight week, Love looked like the underdog, losing the game for much of the game to the point where the final 35 yards between the Packers and the leading touchdown felt like miles. He had a chance to grab a first down with his legs, but with 44 seconds left, he threw a jump ball into the end zone, leading to a game-clinching interception in the latest example of a young quarterback trying too hard. A wonderful play. Signs of that struggle actually date back to Week 3, when an unstable Love struggled in the first half until he settled down in time to lead the Packers back to victory over the Saints. Since then, he’s been unable to be productive offensively in that game, needlessly causing traffic (two of three interceptions on Monday night) and leaving the Packers with limited offensive options. He has to get better if the Packers hope to finish near or above .500 in 2023.
  3. The Raiders defense performed well. The game ball should end up in the hands of the defender Robert Spillanelocker for this show, if you have any extras lying around why not put one in Marcus Peters‘Is it the same with Cubby?Spillane became the first Raiders linebacker to throw multiple interceptions (two) in a game since 2001 when he blocked an ill-advised pass from Love on first down and Caught a deflection on second down from — you guessed it — Peters. The veteran defensive back also saved a touchdown by grabbing a Packers receiver Christian Watson The collar snap resulted in a horse collar tackle penalty worth saving four points. These four points proved decisive. Max Crosby It was his usual harassing self, forcing Love into uncomfortable throws all night, once again setting the tone for a Raiders defense that needed every positive contribution. Holding the Packers to 13 points isn’t a difficult accomplishment, but it’s important for Las Vegas’ defense as they lost to the Steelers in their last primetime game The team scored 23 points.
  4. Packers fans may have to accept that this is a year of transition. Green Bay is 2-3 and would likely be 1-4 now if Love and company hadn’t come back with a bang to beat the Saints a few weeks ago. David Bakhtiari is in the foreseeable future. Aaron Jones Only able to play in two of the first five games. Love is clearly far from a complete player, and in a game where the Packers’ defense excelled in winning, the offense couldn’t deliver on its promise.Coach Matt LaFleur was visibly frustrated with his young players on Monday night, scolding the tight end Luke Musgrave After a promising drive stalled. In his first season, he had to feel a little helpless. Aaron Rodgers, especially in a must-have scenario like the Packers’ Monday night finale. After Green Bay beat the Bears in Week 1, the road back to serious contention won’t be as smooth as some might imagine, but that’s okay — it’s all part of the transition.
  5. Josh McDaniels needs to take off the training wheels. In life, everyone has to take a risk or three to achieve their dreams. McDaniels took that risk and took the Raiders job, but five weeks into his second season, he was coached not to lose, not to win. He received enough criticism for his decision to take a field goal while trailing the Steelers by eight points in their Week 3 loss, but his performance Monday night was arguably even worse. We’ll start in the second quarter, when the Raiders forced a Packers punt on third down with about 1:40 left in the game. McDaniels refused to burn one of his two remaining timeouts in the moment, instead letting the clock tick toward the end of a minute on the Raiders’ punt return.McDaniels ultimately used two timeouts but had no time to direct a legitimate offensive drive, instead opting for a 53-yard field goal that was partially blocked. Josh Niemann. He doubled down late in the game, opting to try another long field goal (this time from 52 yards out) on fourth-and-2, which hit the right upright squarely, giving the Packers the win. Got the ball near midfield with 1 minute and 56 seconds left in the game.His defense (5-foot-9 Amick RobertsonSpecifically) bailed him out, but better teams made McDaniels pay for these types of decisions. Josh, it’s time to coach to victory. This could end up being the difference between a job and a third year with the Raiders.

Next-gen stats for the game: The Raiders had a 93% chance of winning before deciding to attempt a 52-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. Next Gen Stats shows that the best decision in periods 4 and 2 is to do this (a 7.7% lead). instead, Daniel CarlsonThe fumble dropped their chance of victory to 75 percent, which didn’t improve to 99 percent until Amik Robertson intercepted Jordan Love in the end zone.

National Football League Research: Maxx Crosby recorded three rushes and multiple tackles for loss, his 19th career game with two or more tackles for loss, the first in the NFL since 2019 Second-most games behind Pittsburgh’s TJ Watt (20).

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