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Before you can begin exploring the dual realms of Axiom and Umbral in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll need to overcome an obstacle more challenging than any boss fight: which character class to play as.


Do you want to be a spell-casting lightbringer, an axe-wielding savage, or a sinister pyromancer? With nine base options to choose from, plus four more that can be unlocked for additional gameplay, there are plenty of ways to play this challenging action RPG, so we recommend playing in Lords of the Fallen Which category to play.

holy knight


First up is the Holy Knight, a classic holy warrior class that combines physical strength with radiant magic (the Fallen Lord’s generic “good guy magic” that focuses on healing and buffs). If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned sword and board class with enough magic to keep you alive, then this is the way to go.

The Holy Knight will start out with a decent short sword, a medium shield, and some Holy Grenades to attack your enemies. You also get some decent consumable healing items, but interestingly you don’t get the catalyst to cast spells or any radiant abilities right away, so you’ll need to find these items later in your journey.

We did our first playthrough of this class, and it’s pretty solid, as the Knight can deal high damage and excel in every aspect except mobility. But with huge shields and plenty of stamina, who needs mobility?

Udi Lange Wolf Warriors

Do you like charging into battle with a child-sized two-handed sword? If so, then the Udi Lang Warrior is the best choice for you. This berserker starts out with a long sword, some throwing axes, and some consumables to light up your weapons for higher DPS.


This class uses light armor so you can quickly close the distance and defeat your enemy before they have a chance to counterattack. With high stats, no shields, and low armor, this high-risk/high-reward approach may appeal to fearless speedrunners.



If you’re having trouble deciding what direction to take with your character, Guerrilla might be for you, as it’s the most well-rounded class from the get-go. You won’t find any magical abilities, but with a decent flail as their starting melee weapon, a sturdy shield for defense, and a crossbow for ranged damage, this jack-of-all-trades can do just about anything. They also have some consumable berries that increase stamina regeneration. This is a great option if you’re still learning the ropes and want to keep your options open for growing your build in the future.

Mornsted Infantry


You know those moments in every Souls game where you swing your sword only for it to bounce off a wall and do zero damage? Well, if you absolutely can’t stand that happening, may I recommend the Mornsted Infantry?

This class comes equipped with a spear, perfect for stabbing enemies in tight corridors and avoiding those nasty corners. Additionally, he has a small shield and jambable javelin to deal with enemies at range, and starts with a powerful one-time healing item that can get you out of trouble early in the adventure.

This class prioritizes mobility and speed over strength, so if you dodge a lot but like to block when you’re stuck, this is a good choice.

black feather ranger

Remember Bloodborne? Apparently the developers of Lords of the Fallen did just that. This class looks like they just stepped off Yharnam, equipped with a trusty axe, small shield, and bow and arrow, making them very versatile. Plus, since their stats are fairly evenly distributed, you can always choose a different path in later builds and keep your armor cool.

Importantly, this class also comes with several ammo pouches, allowing you to regain extra arrows without having to rest at checkpoints. This can come in handy early in the adventure when you don’t have access to vendors, especially if you want to keep your distance from your enemies.


Exile Chaser

Exiled Stalker is the first “advanced class” designed for Souls veterans looking for a more challenging crafting experience. This is a dual-wield dex version with the lightest light armor and no defense to speak of, meaning you’ll need to master the art of dodge rolls to survive.

The Rogue is also equipped with a Riven Knife, which can apply bleed damage from a distance, and Poison Salt, which imbues the weapon with poisonous attacks, as this class is designed for those who want to inflict status effects on their enemies. Later, you gain access to fast-moving melee weapons that can apply status effects on their own and use various salts (and even spells) to aid you.


Understanding and constructing status effects is definitely a more complex process than most such classes, so it’s definitely an advanced class for a reason, but using poison and bleed on an enemy, then dodge roll away and watch them probably Very valuable and slowly dying.

Missionaries of Orion

The Missionaries of Orion are the second advanced class and the first of the bunch to focus on magic. He comes with a decent hammer that can apply Holy damage and levels to your Radiant magic attribute, but most of the damage you do will probably come from using Radiant spells like Radiant Flare, which is a ranged Holy that you can do right from the start attack. Use Orian Preacher Catalyst to cast. You’ll also have a fairly weak shield to fall back on if you’re cornered, but generally speaking, you’ll want to keep your distance and utilize your dodge rolls.

Thankfully, you do have a nice bunch of small mana stone clusters to start with, which will replenish your limited mana pool when you run out of them. This will be very convenient in the early days before you have unlimited access to these consumables through your provider.

Playing the pure magic class can be challenging, as it requires juggling mana and learning spells, but we honestly don’t think it’s that difficult to learn, so don’t be intimidated by the “advanced” label. You have access to a ton of radiance spells early on to add to your arsenal, so you don’t have to rely on your single ability for long, and the variety of buff and damage options makes this class a lot of fun to play, especially with friends together.



The Fire Cultist is the iconic fire-throwing class in Lords of the Fallen, and frankly, one of the coolest classes you can choose. There will be a Cultist Staff proportioned to Hellfire at the start, which will be your main magic stat, but most of your DPS will come from the Hellball fireball attack you cast with the Fiery Cult Catalyst at the beginning. Your armor doesn’t have a shield or much defense, so you’ll need to maneuver around enemy attacks and rely on your fearsome fire magic to win.

Unlike the Preacher, this class definitely deserves the “advanced” label, mainly because during the vast majority of adventures you have very limited access to other hell skills, meaning you’ll likely be relying on them for a long time. Hell Ball You can gain additional abilities to support your class. This can be a bit of a pain early on, although the starting pitch isn’t too bad to be honest.

The class also starts with some small magic stone clusters, so you should have plenty of fuel to stoke your unholy fires.



The final standard starting lineup is the “Condemners,” a meme of a starting lineup that has 9 points in every stat, leaving them essentially a blank slate with no advantages to begin with. You start out with a broken bucket as your only weapon, along with the ability to throw rocks.

Frankly, everything about this class is intentionally terrible, but the upside is that you can build this class however you want, with no pre-assigned points getting in the way of your vision for the character. If you remember the “stripped” classes in Dark Souls, it’s the same deal. It may be difficult at first, but if you know what you are doing, you will have no problem choosing this course. Plus, you can tell all your friends that you played Lords of the Fallen the “real way” and feel smug about it, so I consider that an absolute win.

There are spoilers below!

Details about the Secret Course are below. Proceed at your own risk – but don’t miss these other guides:

secret lesson

In addition to the nine standard starting classes, Lords of the Fallen features four secret classes, all of which can be unlocked by completing specific tasks during the adventure. The Dark Crusader is a strength-based Paladin class that can only be selected on the first playthrough if the player purchases the Deluxe Edition of the game, but can also be unlocked for everyone who completes the optional missions. Use. in the later gameplay.

Since they’re not intended for use on the first playthrough, all four secret classes start out significantly stronger than the others; including Dark Crusaders, so if you’re a Deluxe Edition owner and want to make significant gains right out of the gate Advantages, then you should definitely choose this one. Plus, they dress you up like the Witch-King from Lord of the Rings, which is really cool. Still, your friends may judge you for using the premium classes, so if you don’t want to open yourself up to trash talk, maybe don’t choose this one.

The Dark Crusade starts with a powerful longsword, higher character levels, some throwable radioactive explosives, heavy armor, and most notably an amulet called the Paladin Pendant, which increases your strength and stamina beyond your current level. This is a very good package.


The other three secret classes are unlocked by reaching each of the three endings in Lord of the Fallen, including the Radiant Purifier, which is basically just a more powerful version of the Orion Preacher, with as many as three starting out Radiance spells and other advantages. But these will only work in your favor if you plan on playing more campaigns, or if you’re just as much of a collector as you are.

Now you get it. Are these our suggestions for which class should we choose in Lords of the Fallen? Which one do you think you will choose? Let us know in the comments, and for more, check out our Lords of the Fallen gameplay tips and full review, and stay tuned to IGN for everything else.

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