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Will Levis Remains Uncertain After First Round of 2023 NFL Draft

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The initial round of the 2023 NFL draft on Thursday night was notably uneventful for one player in particular. Will Levis, the Kentucky quarterback, was expected to be one of the top four picks in his position and even projected to be selected within the first 15 picks of the draft. However, by the end of the night, he remained unaware of his pro football fate, falling out of the entire first round and finding himself relegated to Friday’s Day 2 of the draft.

Disappointing NFL Draft Night for Will Levis

During the first night, there was a speedy rush on quarterbacks, starting with Bryce Young from Alabama being chosen as the overall number one pick by the Carolina Panthers, followed by Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud being selected as the number two pick by the Houston Texans, and Anthony Richardson from Florida being picked fourth by the Indianapolis Colts. Despite Levis being linked to the Colts as the fourth pick, he did not hear his name being announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Levis stands at 6-4 and weighs 229 pounds, presenting an ideal size and agility to execute plays on the move. Nonetheless, his most remarkable attribute is his substantial arm strength, as he boasted during the NFL scouting combine that he possesses “a cannon, and I want to show it off.”

“I believe that I have one of the most potent arms among any of the draft classes in recent memory,” Levis confidently declared.

Will Levis

However, his 2022 season did not transpire as expected, with multiple injuries and difficulties in adapting to a new offensive coordinator resulting in poor ball placement. He failed to throw for more than 230 yards against any SEC opponent.

Nevertheless, Levis remains steadfast in his belief that he can be a starting quarterback right from the start.

“I am confident that I can be instantly integrated into any offensive scheme, learn it thoroughly, and become a leader for any team I play for,” Levis stated. “However, my ultimate goal is to improve every year. I do not anticipate becoming the best quarterback in the league right away.”

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